To ensure a high quality and economic production, we advice you during the development process regarding the choice of material and production method. Feel free to also consult us for questions of feasibility.

Prototype Production

Thanks to 3D printers, CNC machines and our experienced metal craftsmen, we can produce sample series for you in no time. Leveraging this flexibility can greatly support your developement- and market launch process.

Quality Management

Numerous technicians and engineers make up the danstep quality team that overseas every step from the first sample conception to final inspection. We exclusively develop, produce and control according your standards and requirements.


Die Casting

We produce die castings from zinc and aluminium alloys for you. Complex geometries realized up to a mass of 6KG.

Extrusion Profiles

We produce profiles made of aluminium and brass alloys. From anodized surfaces with high gloss to galvanic chrome are almost all common surface finishings possible.

Turning parts

Depending on the situation, we employ semi- or fully automatic machinery for the production of turning and milling parts. All non-ferrous metals can be used.


We produce forging products made of brass for you that will satisfy highest quality- and structural requirements.

Metal Processing

We process mainly steel alloys with laser, stamp and welding robots. Our experienced staff is available for manual production steps such as bending.


Die Casting tools, extrusion- and welding forms: We always construct production tools economically opitmized. You can choose between common steel and a special japanese alloy for unmatched dimensional accuracy and durability.


Powder and Lacquer Paint

Powder and lacquer paint can be applied to almost any suface. Our paint can be customized in regards of color, gloss and structure. We can also purchase and use a specific brand if you require.

Chrome Plating

Ever since buidling our own galvanic facitilies, we have specialist into galvanik electro plating. We offer a variety of chome finishes: high gloss, mat, pearl and black.

PVD Coating

PVD coating enables you to coat your article with a layer of titanium in any desired color. The surface will become as hard and resistant as chrome. The degree of gloss can also be customized from mat to shiny.


We anodize aluminium extrusion for you in many diffrent colors. Streak-free surfaces are also available in high gloss chrome and black.


We polish your the surfaces of your components to a mirror gloss finish! Depending on the quantity, it is either done by polishing robots or experienced metal craftsmen.


Using high precision fixtures, we brush surfaces according to the desied depth and streak direction. Nickel plated aluminium with stainless steell optic (brushed) is one of our speciaties.


Discretion is a conerstone of our long lasting success. Therefore, we cannot disclose our customers to you in detail. We co-operate with medium to large sized companies that achieve advanced to high end quality grades in their respective segment. Below you will find examples of components and articles we produce from a diverse selection of metals.

Administrative Team
Technical Team
Factories in our Network


We produce fittings such as hinges, handles, stabilizing bars, faucets and bathroom accessories, such as shower baskets, towel holders, cosmetic mirrors and soap dispensers. Our specialty for sanitary components has always been a flawless surface finish with high functional durability.


We produce table legs, chair crosses, sofa feet, furniture frames, mechanics and much more for the office and home furniture industry. Especially our office furniture customers appreciate our innovative logistic solutions to meet their delivery time challenges.


We supply leading lighting firms with components such as lamp cases, heatsinks, adjustment rings, joint rods and much more. In the day and age of individualization, we can offer to keep raw parts of your articles in stock and finish their surface just in time as your demand dictates.


Get in touch for more information and surface samples!

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